Connected Transport: Smart Infrastructure and Urban Mobility

AICC/KPMG/Cisco Internet of Things (IoT) Connected Transport Boardroom Briefing

25 July 2018

At the Australia-Israel Chamber of Commerce and KPMG’s Internet of Things (IoT) Connected Transport Boardroom Briefing on 25 July 2018, a panel of leading experts offered diverse insights and tangible advice on the potential of IoT in the transport sector, drawing on real-life examples.

The panellists were Simon Young, GM – IoT – Energy & Transportation, Cisco; Susan Harris, CEO, Intelligent Transport Systems, Clare Gardiner-Barnes, Deputy Secretary, Freight, Strategy and Planning, Transport for NSW and Henry Greenacre, Head of Operations, UBER. The discussion was moderated by Curtis Davies, Partner in Charge, Operations Advisory, KPMG.

The event was sponsored by KPMG and Cisco.


Simon Young
General Manager, IoT Energy & Transportation

Simon Young is the General Manager for the Internet of Things (IoT) at Cisco, focusing on the Energy and Transportation markets. Simon has driven transformational initiatives across various sales and engineering roles during his 14 years with Cisco including developing and leading the Internet of Things (IoT) business across Australia and New Zealand. Before joining Cisco, Simon held a number of roles in energy, education, retail, banking, gaming and the public sector.

Susan Harris
Intelligent Transport Systems Australia

With an extensive career in transport strategy, as Chief Executive of ITS Australia, Susan is ideally placed at the nexus of technology and transport to translate the benefits to business and the Australian community. Susan supports the growth and innovation of the transport industry through her role as convenor of Austroads CAV Industry Reference Group and as a member of the Victorian Ministerial Freight Reference Group, National Transport Commission Industry Advisory Group; Space Cross Sectoral Interest Group and 2026 Spatial Agenda Leadership Group.

Clare Gardiner-Barnes
Deputy Secretary, Freight, Strategy and Planning
Transport for NSW

Claire leads strategic planning across Transport for NSW, including leading the State’s vision for transport over the next 40 years with Future Transport 2056. A board member of Roads Australia, Claire is committed to working with her State and Territory counterparts to ensure regulatory change that supports the adoption of new technologies such as autonomous vehicles. Previously, Clare worked in in executive positions in education and in the Department of Children and Families in the Northern Territory. Clare is an Executive Champion for women and flexibility and actively seeks opportunities to embed her values across Transport for NSW.

Henry Greenacre
Head of Cities Australia & New Zealand

Head of Cities Australia and New Zealand, Henry joined Uber 2.5 years ago as Operations Manager. He then worked as General Manager of Uber’s Operations in NSW and ACT, where he was responsible for marketing Uber to new riders and drivers and examining how the app could be used to solve problems unique to cities such as Sydney. Prior to Uber, Henry worked in management consulting in mining and heavy industry.

MODERATOR: Curtis Davies
Partner in Charge, Operations Advisory

Curtis is the lead Partner for KPMG’s services to Transport for NSW as well as the Partner in Charge of KPMG’s National Operations Advisory practice. Curtis brings extensive experience working with the leadership teams of major organisations navigating the challenges of Transformation. Previously, Curtis was CEO Coal Customers and Strategy for Aurizon (formerly QR National) during its IPO and Transformation Director for News Corporation in Australia. He also held leadership positions at Qantas across a broad range of business areas, established and led Qantas’ Transformation program, sat on the airline’s Executive Committee and chaired the OneWorld global airline alliance.