About the Summit

Held annually since 2020, the Australia-Israel Innovation Summit is a highly anticipated event on the Australia-Israel Chamber of Commerce (AICC) calendar.

With the AICC’s reputation for bringing the latest insights and developments on disruptive innovation from Israel to create opportunities for Australia, the Summit is a knowledge exchange that is essential to business, government and community leaders wanting to understand and prepare for the future.

The content-rich afternoon program brings together high-level business experts and thought leaders from Australia and Israel who are solving global challenges via out-of-the-box thinking and solutions to deliver global competitiveness.

Each year a theme is selected to reflect the pressing questions faced by most industry sectors. Presenters share collective insights and explore key issues critical to business success around this theme. These are not-to-be-missed conversations vital for your business to embrace disruption and build commercial resilience.

About the Showcase

The Israel Innovation Showcase is an integral part of the Summit. It provides an opportunity for all participants to meet with innovative businesses and disruptors across multiple sectors who are bringing Israel’s know-how to Australia.

Connect and build valuable new relationships during the Summit networking lunch and afternoon tea that take place at the Israel Innovation Showcase.

Information and contact details for these businesses can also be found on the Summit website Showcase pages.

Israel, The Innovation Nation

An economic and technological powerhouse, Israel’s innovation ecosystem is one of the most developed in the world, shaped by a sophisticated system of major global investors, multinationals, start-ups, the Israeli military, the government’s Israel Innovation Authority and universities.

Israel’s reputation as an incubator of innovation, enterprise and disruptive new business ideas earned it the title of the Startup Nation (after the book of the same title). It has the highest concentration of startups per capita worldwide. It is now moving to a new stage as the Scale-Up Nation and the Unicorn Nation – it has developed almost 100 unicorns (startups valued at US$1+billion), approximately 10% of the world’s total).

Israel invests more in R&D than any other country as a percentage of its GDP  (5.6% of GDP, excluding military and defence R&D).

As of February 2023, more than half of Israel’s exports come from its booming high-tech sector.

There are over 530 multinationals with a presence in Israel, including more than 400 R&D centres established in Israel by leading multinational companies including Apple (its first outside the US), Microsoft, Google, GE, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, and Samsung.

2023 Innovation Summit