Learning Models of the Future

Aug 18, 2022

An interactive boardroom discussion with the newly appointed Vice-Chancellor and President of the University of Technology Sydney, Professor Andrew Parfitt outlining the learning models that are essential to Australia’s future, why industry partnerships are critical, and the re-thinking of traditional higher education structures is key.

The impact of Covid 19 on education, digital skill shortages, and global connectivity has sharpened the focus on the role of universities as institutions of learning with a meaningful impact on the talent economy. Universities are critical as knowledge and innovation centres for society, whose vital role is to produce competent learners that are work ready. The pace of change in business is so fast, that society can no longer wait three years for job-ready students. For Australia to succeed as a digitally enabled society, a more dynamic learning delivery model is needed – one that works collaboratively with both high schools, universities, VET providers and industry.