Our Food Future, The Protein Transformation

Dec 10, 2021

Our Food Future, The Protein Transformation

Dec 10, 2021

 Competition and disruption along the value chain are significantly impacting the global meat and diary protein sectors. Plant based alternatives are growing in popularity amongst consumers, impacting producers and supermarket operators, and challenging existing legislation in terms of what constitutes ‘meat’. 

Shifts in societal expectations, environmental concerns and technological shifts are shaping how we produce, purchase, consume and feel about food. 

In this interactive webinar with six Israeli companies who lead the alternative protein revolution, you will learn: 

  • how Israel’s ‘start-up nation’ philosophy is underpinning the growth this rapidly growing sector; 
  • the latest technological innovations driving local and global expansion; 
  • how Israeli foodtech companies are forging a path to transform the global food system. 


Our panel:

Daria Feldman, Co-Founder & CTO, Kinoko-Tech

Daria has a Ph.D. in the field of fungal molecular biology from the Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. She spent her entire academic career in the Faculty of Agriculture focusing on biotechnology during my MSc, food science during BSc. and has experience in writing and analyzing scientific literature, published articles both in English and Hebrew, and presented her work in several scientific conferences.

Kinoko-Tech are harnessing fermentation to expand personal and planetary health. They produce new raw materials for the food industry; the production is based on solid-state fermentation of mycelium of edible fungi on legumes. Kinoko-Tech use an heirloom of fungal strain, unique in the mycelium metabolite composition packed with important nutrients, minerals, fiber, and protein which are beneficial to human health. Their fermentation platform allows for fast and easy growing (up to 6 days) generation of great mouthfeel, texture, and taste.

Dror Tamir, Co-Founder & CEO, Hargol FoodTech

Dror is a serial food and nutrition entrepreneur with one exit under his belt. His passion is improving the health of children and families through better nutrition. Dror is a 20 times international innovation and sustainability awards winning entrepreneur. Dror has held varied positions within several Israeli and international companies over the last 30 years, after a career at the Israeli Navy Budget Department.

Hargol leads the alternative protein space globally as a producer of nutrient rich protein for humans from grasshoppers. They are the first company in the world to reach industrial scale production of a protein ingredient from grasshoppers. Their mission is to deliver a better alternative protein: Healthier for humans, healthier for the environment, in a safer and more efficient process

Guy Manor, VP Business Development, Innovopro
Guy has over 15 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, successfully formulating business strategies, in operational execution of development, and launching of new products in diverse and global markets. Guy holds an BA in Economics and an MBA.

Innovpro is committed to bringing unique plant-based protein ingredients to the global food market in order to create nutritious, tasty, safe and sustainable food products, in particular in chickpea proteins. Innovopro has been recognised as an innovator of disruptive technology in the food industry.

Simon Fried, Business Development Executive, MeaTech

Simon is head of business at MeaTech, grew up around restaurants, has extensive business experience including food retail, FMCG, distilleries and 3D printing. Combined with his academic background in risk, behavioral economics, and behavior change, he’s excited to be playing a part in the cultivated meat mission.

MeaTech 3D is an international company at the forefront of the cultured meat revolution. The company believes cultured meat technologies hold significant potential to improve meat production, simplify the meat supply chain, and offer consumers a range of new product offerings. MeaTech has a particular focus on developing premium, center-of-plate meat products, such as structured marbled steaks.

Racheli Vizman, CEO & Co-Founder, SavorEat

Racheli is a strong and passionate leader with over 10 years of diverse experience in the Life Science industry both in private and public companies. Background in diagnostics, therapeutics and medical devices with experience covering numerous areas including general operations, business development, regulatory affairs, research & development and fundraising ventures.

SavorEat is developing delicious plant-based meat alternatives by using a combination of proprietary ingredients and a smart robot, Their unique solution is targeted towards the foodservice segment, offering the advantages of creating the dish on the spot according to the customer’s preferences. They aim to deliver a product that is as close as possible to taste, texture and experience of real meat.
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Yonatan Golan, Co-Founder & CEO, Brevel Ltd.

Yonatan is an experienced entrepreneur and CEO. Since 2016, Yonatan has been leading Brevel’s growth from a small startup to a commercial global player in the microalgae industry. He raised more than $5M from investors and non-dilutive Israeli and EU government grants. Yonatan has an MSc in biophysics with a publication in Nature on his work in immune cells physical properties.

By providing truly affordable, consistent and scalable production of microalgae-based alternative protein and functional ingredients, Brevel is opening the doors to microalgae as the future of our food system. Brevel’s proprietary technology reduces costs by more than 90% which is a complete paradigm shift in the industry where cost and quality were the main barriers until today.

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