Investing for impact – Australia’s National Path Forward

May 27, 2022

Despite exponential growth from business, government and private investors Social Impact Investing (SII) is still a niche market in the global investment pool. This year it’s forecast to exceed $32 billion in Australia, particularly as younger investors are attracted to using their investments to generate positive, measurable, social and environmental impact, alongside their financial returns.

Investors want to use their money to address the issues they care about most, including sustainable agriculture, renewable energy, conservation, microfinance, and affordable and accessible basic services including housing, healthcare, and education, as well addressing gender and racial equity, diversity and inclusion.

This discussion to delve into the critical role of Australian business as well as state and federal governments in accelerating growth in the SII market, not only as a market facilitator and market regulator, but also as an active market participant or purchaser.

The conversation will include two leading members of the Australian Social Impact Investing Taskforce including its Chair Michael Traill AM and Gilbert + Tobin Managing Partner Danny Gilbert AM.  They will be joined by Zoe Whitten a Partner at Pollination, a specialist climate change investment and advisory firm and Katherine Palmer, Executive Director, Strategic Balance Sheet Management within the Policy and Budget Group of NSW Treasury.