Adi Ashkenazy

CEO & Co-Founder I Skylight Cyber

Adi Ashkenazy is the Co-Founder and CEO of Skylight Cyber, a Sydney-based cyber security company specialising in cyber security services that focus on the prism of sophisticated threat actors.

Skylight is a trusted advisor to Fortune 500 organisations globally in a variety of industries including financial services and technology and is often called upon to solve unique security challenges.

Before founding Skylight, he served as the Deputy Director of an elite cyber department in the Israeli Government, leading Israel’s finest engineers and security professionals through some of the world’s most complex cyber security challenges.

In addition, he served as VP Product for XM Cyber, where he designed the world’s first fully automated red team solution, an achievement for which the company received the 2018 World Economic Forum’s “Technology Pioneers” Award, as well as numerous patents in the field of offensive cyber automation.

He is also a Visiting Associate Professor at Australia’s Macquarie University where he assists in educating the next generation of security practitioners.