Sagie Davidovich

CEO & Co-Founder | Spark Beyond

Sagie Davidovich is the CEO & Co-Founder of SparkBeyond. Created to empower organisations to solve their most complex challenges, the problem-solving platform is designed to tackle the cognitive bottleneck and bias inherent in human thinking.

SparkBeyond has built an automated research engine capable of asking questions and discovering complex patterns in data. Designed to leverage masses of data that exist on the web, it intelligently augments it to discover complex patterns that then become powerful tools for explaining, predicting, and optimizing outcomes.

A serial entrepreneur, technological visionary, and machine intelligence enthusiast, Davidovich strives to bridge the gap between human and machine reasoning and interaction. He is passionate about computational knowledge representation, acquisition, storage, reasoning, and processing.

He has led the research and development teams for several disruptive start-ups including social search engine Delver (acquired by Sears) and social business intelligence pioneer newBrandAnalytics (acquired by Sprinklr). Prior to founding Delver, he was the architect of a large scale award-winning expert system for the defence industry.

Deeply involved in the machine learning community from its beginnings, he holds several patents (US) and awards. An active angel investor, he enjoys mentoring and helping the local start-up community.

He is a long-term advisor to The Lifeboat Foundation, a not for profit that encourages scientific advancements while helping humanity survive existential risks and possible misuse of increasingly powerful technologies, including genetic engineering, nanotechnology, and robotics/AI.