2022 Women Leaders Trade Mission

22-28 July 2022


Anne Templeman-Jones
Chairman, Blackmores Ltd, Non-Executive Director, Commonwealth Bank & Worley Ltd


Margie Seale
Non-Executive Director, Westpac Corporation Limited & Scentre Group


Our 5th Annual Women Leaders Trade Mission to Israel entitled A World in Transition delved into some of the big issues framing the future, including decentralised finance and exchange of value, energy exchange and the transformation of the energy sector, innovative approaches to solving supply chain issues, the new cyber security landscape, AI, data and privacy.


I was fortunate to lead a Trade Mission in 2022. The access to cultural and business experiences and expertise via the AICC team was outstanding. Israel is a complex and clever country, and the group left with increased knowledge of the innovation and entrepreneurial spirit of the country and the businesses created by it, and of its determination and consequent ecosystem to drive success. We were skillfully and intelligently advised by the AICC here at home and in Israel. It’s network is unrivalled.

Margie Seale

Non Executive Director, Westpac Banking Corporation & Scentre Group

I have been fortunate to participate in two trade missions to Israel and both have been exceptional experiences. AICC’s network in Israel offers participants access to an impressive range of high quality speakers from across all sectors of Israeli life – political, scientific, business and social.
The missions provide insights into the Israeli ecosystem – that unique combination of military, government, academia and business – as well as the multi-layered, multi-faceted and diabolically complicated situation that is Israel in the Middle East and in the broader world.
Mission participants add to the mix – in both my cases they were a diverse, interesting and fun bunch – and even the tour guides are selected to provide intelligent, thought provoking commentary and quirky glimpses into Israeli life and history. The social/cultural components of the trip are as vital as the business ones and together make for a transformative trip.
I highly recommend the experience – it is a brain spritz, opening your perspective, leaving you with more questions than answers but invigorated, fascinated and exhausted!

Nora Scheinkestel

Non-Executive Director, Westpac Corporation Ltd, Origin Energy Corp. and Brambles Ltd.

I joined the AICC Women Leaders Trade Mission in 2022 with very high expectations. They were exceeded. The mission operated on so many levels: cultural, geo-political, economic and historical and was so very well run.
Israel is challenged with security everywhere: physical, cyber, water, food and energy. These challenges drive innovation and provide so much for us to contemplate. The mission provided amazing insight but also, as a group of Australian business leaders, the opportunity to reflect collectively on how we might harness our own challenges for good.
If you have a chance to go on an AICC Trade Mission, I urge you to take it.

Robin Low

Non-Executive Director , AUB Group, Appen, IPH Ltd. and Marley Spoon