Young Leaders Program – Adaptation through innovation: Building resilience to the challenges of climate change

Jul 28, 2022
Attendees at our Young Leaders Program had the opportunity to hear about innovative solutions to climate change change from Rear Admiral Lee Goddard CSC. Goddard, is a strategic adviser to the Minderoo Foundation, and CEO of the Australian Missile Corporation. He discussed national resilience, climate adaptation and mobilisation with the young leaders.

Key takeaways included:

·        Sustainability means different things to different people.

·        Improved communication is needed between different sectors.

·        Need to set medium range, achievable goals for 3-5 years ahead.

·        Industry sectors should be driving change, not just waiting for the government to give solutions.

·        Hopefully the many issues that we face get better, but if not, we need to face and prepare for the new reality.

·        If have innovative solutions, need to advocate for them and show how they can improve things.

With thanks to KPMG Australia for hosting and AICC NSW board member Charmaine Zets for conducting the conversation with Lee.